Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last Of The English Roses

Peter Doherty - Last of the English Roses (Graham Coxon on guitar)
Jonathan Ross

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Road Trippin.

Wow, this was an epic day to say the least. Matt and I drove to Philadelphia to see The National. Matt drove the whole way there, and back, which is no easy task. Well worth it i would say, and I know he would agree. The National were fantastic, such energy and authenticity. The venue was The Electric Factory, a nice little club, which from the outside looks quite un-assuming.

Philadelphia itself is a two faced city. One minute you are standing in the ghetto, and the next, your down the road in the middle of a pretty nice village-esque environment. Of course you can say the same for some parts of new York, or any city/town, but there was such an obvious contrast. The nicer parts of Philly looked really nice, with loads of places to hang out, so, cheers Philly.

The way home was pretty long, detours and things of that nature sort of made the trip long, but we diddnt mind really. We stopped off at a road stop in NJ to grab a bite around 1:00AM, and saw all sorts of creepers. The highlight was the freakish man Matt dubbed "The truck stop murderer", and the limo that contained large black girls wearing next to nothing.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Well, it was a helluva night last evening. Standard Thursday night at Faddy Malones, with a pretty large crew. I believe I drank far more then i would have liked to, and completely destroyed myself, tot he point where i couldn't speak or make movements. I barely remember being dropped off home. I just went to sleep in my clothes and slept there, in what was sort of like a fake coma. Then morning comes. Morning was awful, as i woke up, headed to the bathroom and, still drunk, threw up multiple times. I layed down on the bathroom floor for what seemed to be about 15 minutes, before i proceeded to go back to sleep, and lay there once again in a drunken sleep. I woke up about 12:00pm, took a shower, which helped out a lot, and noticed i have a black and blue bruise on my wrist; how it got there is any person's guess. Anyway, i made two English Muffins and took some Tylenol. Now I'm going to take a nap before I have to go to Philadelphia with Matt to see The National.
I really want to take a break from drinking...or at least have a fair few and call it a night.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

MoMA Part Deux

Patrick, Danny O, and myself frequented the Museum Of Modern Art on a particularly hot day. Manhattan, of course, was rad as usual. Parts of Times Square/Broadway were sectioned off for a pedestrian mall; tons of things to buy, and tons of food, from different cultures to eat. Instead of takign the subway around town, we tapped into our inner caveman/nomad, and walked around, and it was pretty awesome. What was REALLy cool, was the fact that i showed the person behind the desk at the museum my 2005 school ID and got my ticket FREE. Any money saved helps...after all, we are in a recession, right? Get your culture on!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

Thursday Throwdown

Pat's cousin made this sign, and told Jesse and myself to lay down under it looking dead.
Hopefully people come in and ask for the Swine Flu vaccination, and get a gnarly shot to drunken there arse up!
Thursday night has been the Faddy Malone's night for a couple weeks now. It's a small, lame bar with lame patrons, but dammit, it's our local boozer. Patrick's cousin Jennifer is a bartender there and we get almost all of our drinks for free. This evening was no exception. I walked to Faddy's to meet Rich and Jesse and Doyle. Jennifer gave us these shots she makes up, that are insanity...pure insanity. Afterwards Rich and myself met up with Matt, Miller, and Chris. We went to the Ale House. The night ended at Rich's house. His mom, Laura, gave me some meatballs. They were rad. Now im going to go to sleep because i have to skate tomorrow and re-thread my trucks to fit the new wheels on, and eventually put my new Jerry Hsu Enjoi deck together.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Straight Out Of Levittown


This is myself (sunglasses at night), and Danny O, attempting to look like badasses in Matt's backyard. If you notice, over my pose, toward the end of the house, you will find my handprint. I dipped my hand in all sorts of BBQ foods and condiments and high-fived Matt's neighbors house.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Board Coming

I ordered this bad boy on friday with my birthday money.
Also, i ordered some new Spitfire wheels.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Julian plenti

Julian Plenti.

This is the alias that Interpol frontman Paul Banks goes by. He's releasing a solo effort , "Skyscraper", August 4th through Matador records. You can download a track, "Fun That We Have" from the Matador blog.
I know I'm bias, being a massive fan of Interpol, but this is a cracking track. It seems a bit scrappy, but by design, not flaw. The track is sprinkled with electronic elements that make it layered and complex. It's not an Interpol track, but it's also not far from one. I want to say it's like a B-side to a track from Our Love To Admire, but i dont want that to come across as harsh. This is only the first taste of Julian Plenti, and i look forward to the full length.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm 22 Years Of Age

May 13th, 1987 is/was my birthday. I'm 22 years old.

So, whats going on in this exact moment in time?

I just came home from hanging out with Brian.

We ate Checkers/watched 30 Rock.

I love Tina Fey.

Alec Baldwin is on the David Letterman show.

I'm listening to Ryan Adams - "So Alive".

I'm waiting for the day my parents put the house back up for sale, i know it's going to happen.

My job is silly...STILL.

I'm trying to lose a couple pounds that i gained over the winter.

It's hard because of the drinking.

Is this depressing?
I'm sorry.
After work I'm going out to Friday's to celebrate.
I'll probably perk up.
I'd like to go to Manhattan on Saturday.
Who knows, right?

Monday, May 11, 2009

The English Way To Fight


Mike and I saw Star Trek Sunday evening. This flick completely blew me away. The effects were stunning, and most of all, the cast of characters portrayed the original cast brilliantly. I was never uncomfortable with the acting either, Bones, Kirk, Spock, Scotty were all well casted. The authentic sounds in the Enterprise were great and they even threw in all the famous original lines, in a way that was seam-less. I was never a huge Star Trek fan, and i certainly prefer Star Wars over it, but I do enjoy the original series, and this movie played it nice and close to the real deal.
William Shatner was not in this movie, however Leonard Nimoy was, much to my delight.
For old times sake, enjoy this photo of Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


...For life is quite absurd
And death's the final word
You must always face the curtain
with a bow
Forget about your sin - give the
audience a grin
Enjoy it - it's your last chance
So always look on the bright side
of death...
a-Just before you draw your terminal breath...
Life's a piece of shit, when you look at it
Life's a laugh and death's a joke, it's true
You'll see its all a show, keep 'em laughin as you go
Just remember that the last laugh is on you
Always look on the bright side
of life...

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Photo from my Blackberry:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

Tracy Morgan, in his character from 30 Rock - Tracy Jordan, with his party song, "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah"

Monday, May 4, 2009

Frat Party

Ironic Drinking Contest.
At some point, irony went out the window.
After beer number 6.

Pump your fists to this.

Friday, May 1, 2009



Honestly, I can fill up this space with my thoughts and views on the controversial topic of organized religion and its madness, but why do that, when Bill Maher has created a presentation that not only is extremely articulate and thought provoking, but delivered in a eye opening entertaining way. Please, "For the Love of God", buy or rent this documentary, for your own enlightenment. A film like this sheds a light onto the shady insanity of religion, and its zombie like followers.