Friday, May 22, 2009

Thursday Throwdown

Pat's cousin made this sign, and told Jesse and myself to lay down under it looking dead.
Hopefully people come in and ask for the Swine Flu vaccination, and get a gnarly shot to drunken there arse up!
Thursday night has been the Faddy Malone's night for a couple weeks now. It's a small, lame bar with lame patrons, but dammit, it's our local boozer. Patrick's cousin Jennifer is a bartender there and we get almost all of our drinks for free. This evening was no exception. I walked to Faddy's to meet Rich and Jesse and Doyle. Jennifer gave us these shots she makes up, that are insanity...pure insanity. Afterwards Rich and myself met up with Matt, Miller, and Chris. We went to the Ale House. The night ended at Rich's house. His mom, Laura, gave me some meatballs. They were rad. Now im going to go to sleep because i have to skate tomorrow and re-thread my trucks to fit the new wheels on, and eventually put my new Jerry Hsu Enjoi deck together.

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