Friday, May 15, 2009

Julian plenti

Julian Plenti.

This is the alias that Interpol frontman Paul Banks goes by. He's releasing a solo effort , "Skyscraper", August 4th through Matador records. You can download a track, "Fun That We Have" from the Matador blog.
I know I'm bias, being a massive fan of Interpol, but this is a cracking track. It seems a bit scrappy, but by design, not flaw. The track is sprinkled with electronic elements that make it layered and complex. It's not an Interpol track, but it's also not far from one. I want to say it's like a B-side to a track from Our Love To Admire, but i dont want that to come across as harsh. This is only the first taste of Julian Plenti, and i look forward to the full length.

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