Saturday, May 30, 2009

Road Trippin.

Wow, this was an epic day to say the least. Matt and I drove to Philadelphia to see The National. Matt drove the whole way there, and back, which is no easy task. Well worth it i would say, and I know he would agree. The National were fantastic, such energy and authenticity. The venue was The Electric Factory, a nice little club, which from the outside looks quite un-assuming.

Philadelphia itself is a two faced city. One minute you are standing in the ghetto, and the next, your down the road in the middle of a pretty nice village-esque environment. Of course you can say the same for some parts of new York, or any city/town, but there was such an obvious contrast. The nicer parts of Philly looked really nice, with loads of places to hang out, so, cheers Philly.

The way home was pretty long, detours and things of that nature sort of made the trip long, but we diddnt mind really. We stopped off at a road stop in NJ to grab a bite around 1:00AM, and saw all sorts of creepers. The highlight was the freakish man Matt dubbed "The truck stop murderer", and the limo that contained large black girls wearing next to nothing.

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