Saturday, October 10, 2009

Birfday Blurrr

myself and the birthday boy -errrr, i mean MAN.

me and matt killing it in times squarez

Rich and Rice, killing it as well, in times squarez

Happy Birthday Danny O, who turned 21 years of age on October 9th. Welcome to the legal world of booze and nightmares. Congrats! Some of us did a Manhattan run to grab many adult beverages and wander about. Long story short i got home home at 5:30AM, im extremely hungover as we speak..or i speak, or type. It's 12:52 at the moment and i have been awake for about...20 minutes. No breakfest yet...just computer lurking and blogging. enjoy those phone pics of the event. I cant seem to remember to bring a camera out anymore, plus holding it can be annoying sometimes. Ill remember soon, i swear. Like you care. clowns. farmers. all of you.

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