Sunday, September 13, 2009

Temporary Insanity

To break up the routine of going to the same bars on the island, a bunch of us decided to go to manhattan, back to Stouts on w34th street. Just as rad as i remember, but this time we found out there was a downstairs with karaoke and a dance party. A lot of alcohol was consumed, and a lot of money was spent. We arrived at penn station around 1:30ish, our train was boarding, and everyone got on, except for myself, rich, and matt. i think it might have been temporary insanity, but we were drunk and really excited and thought we should just stay as long as possible. The train departs, and everyone we were with seemed really confused as to why we werent on the train with them. So we walk back up to the street level and just sorta wander about, and grab a bite in a McDonalds. The next train home was at 2:53am. As we waited, we ran into Pat and Rory which was cool. Suck on these blurry Blackberry camera phone pictures i drunkenly snapped.

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