Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Car, The Car, The Car is On Fire!

Some of us went to Jackie Reilys for a drunken night out, and to celebrate Matt's sister Amy's birthday. So after many brews and stuff, i did The Killers song "spaceman" on karaoke with Amy. After the performance i got to high five some folks i havent seen in a long time, like Sean and Erin, who used to work with me back in the day. On the way back home, Jokes got a fire call...two cars were on fire in the Ale House parking lot....GNARLY! We show up to find just that, two cars a'blazing. While i snapped a few Blackberry photos this one ugly broad starts getting angry cos its her friends cars. She calls me and Marisa "disgraces to humanity". Marisa narrowly avoided a fight and we just laughed in that random girls ugly face. Wow. What a Wednesday, right? Fuckin' A!

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