Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th Of July Insanity!

The day started off with Danny, Matt and myself skating for a bit, lighting off some bottle rockets. I lit one off, Matt tryed to take a picture of it and dropped his iphone because it freaked him out when the bottle rocket exploded! BRUTAL!

Pat through a huge 4th of July bash at his place. Lots of drinking. Lots of fireworks. Lots of BBQ. Lots of friends! As i type this i feel out of it, and a bit dizzy, as i was drinking from 3:00PM to 2:00AM. So much fun went down. While lighting off some fireworks, one of the shells fell out of the tube and blew up right next to me, burning off some of my left leg hairs and temporarily leaving a ringing in my right ear. RAD! Later on in the evening nobody wanted to hop the public pool fence for a i had to do it by myself. Upon entering the pool, i realized why nobody wanted to swim....the pool water was freakin' freezing! My Van's slip ons are soaked and drying on the backyard deck as we speak. Around 2:00AM most folks had left and it was just Pat, his dad, Matt and myself still drinking and bullshitting.

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