Thursday, April 9, 2009

This Post Is About Summer, yall.

This summer i wanna....

  • acquire grass stains on my designated "play" jeans.
  • play with fireworks
  • hang with bros
  • skateboard
  • skateboard at night
  • play soccer
  • eat Ralph's Ices. (the one off Newbridge road.)
  • wear more shorts. Maybe wear board shorts, i dunno yet.
  • go to the beach and frolic. Frolicking is underrated.
  • eat BBQ food
  • drink beers
  • listen to rock n roll
  • visit Rich's uncle's house upstate to drink beers and frolic in the woods.
  • get a cotton candy swirl ice-pop from the Paul's truck, while skateboarding
  • go to Manhattan for rock n roll gigs
  • go to many more soccer matches at Giants Stadium
  • not be inside a lot
  • learn how to cartwheel
  • Go out to dinner
  • Forget that I'm turning 22 in May.


  1. Oh SUH-WEET! I have a Ralph's ices in my neighborhood. It is the only one of TWO in Brooklyn. So it feeeels gooood.

  2. Don't worry my darling Tom! We'll do all of this. In fact we can work on some of it now. I'll teach you how to do a cartwheel at wine night tonight.