Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nostalgic Musings

Have you ever had a decent acquaintance or borderline friend who you have not seen in years and years? Maybe it was a real friend. Maybe it was just someone you remember from school, but have not seen since. Think of those people. Do you remember there voices? Do you wonder where they are at THIS point in time? If you're like me, chances are NO. However, there does come the occasional moment ,where i stumble upon an old friend from my youths Facebook page, and think to i even remember this clowns voice? Is it bad that I don't? There is one person i used to hang out with for a couple years, i wont drop his name, but when we skateboard now, some of us named a trick we do after him. Anyway, it was safe to say we were decent pals, and now I don't even keep in contact. The many paths in life can be strange, you never know where they may lead you. You never know if the person you're sitting next to will be gone for whatever reason in the next 5 years. So, what does all this lark mean? Keep your homies close. Simple, right?

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