Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alcohol Consumption

Wow, It's been an awesome day. Today i woke up with a hang-over. Then i tailgated a hockey game with Pat and his dad.This consisted of loads of beer and grilling up some good food. Then i met up with Mike and Hana at Dave and Buster's to celebrate Hana's birthday. Happy birthday Hana! Too many drinks were consumed ( or not enough?), shots consisted of 151, Patron, and some chocolatey shot. Plus a Long Island Ice Tea. I got to keep the glass. Later on that evening some of us spoke to the Devil man who plays with glowsticks at 1:00AM every night. He was super creepy. His name is David. Officially, his new name is Dave The Worlock. Saturday is a NY Red Bulls game with Brian. Were getting a mini keg to party in the parking lot with. My liver feels hard as a rock, my head feels like death, and I couldnt be more happier (?). Im always really excited to drink. I loosen up a whole lot. It helps me cope when meeting new people, although tonite wasnt the case with metting new peeps, alcohol just helps me not care i guess. Is that wrong?
This is a semi-depressing post isnt it? Well, long story short, awesome times were had with good friends, thats all that matters, yeah?

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