Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fireworks, Fun and Frustration.

So, what can i say? It's been a helluva day. Mathew escorted us (Kiki, Heather, myself) to PA to acquire some fireworks AKA illegal goods. Road trip shennanigans! Music, good times with friends and...fireworks. We arrive at Phantom Fireworks, and it's like buying black market goods. First paper work is filled out, blah blah blah, must be 18 years old blah blah. This place was like a Stop N Shop of explosives. I bought about $70 of fireworks, and it was buy one get one free, so i made out like a bandit. On the way home we decided to take the Holland Tunnel, you know, a little visit to NYC on the way back. What seemed like a swell idea turned into TRAFFIC AND CONSTRUCTION DELAYS, hence the word "Frustration" in this blig title. Oh well, what are ya gonna do right? Still had a blast. Later on we met up with Danny O and went to Friday's for some food and drinks. Finally after that, we ended the evening lighting some fireworks off at the local Levittown skate spot...The Library. Good fight, good night...
Old Country Buffet tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM.


  1. who are those two other dudes with you in the car?

  2. your hair looks good! someone's not been washing it!!!