Monday, March 9, 2009

A Visit to David's On A Rainy Day

Mathew and myself paid a visit to our good friend David, in Ridgewood. We spent the day in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, walking about, popping into some record shops, and eating pizza at Joe's Pizza, which was voted by The New York Magazine as the best in Manhattan. ALSO it was featured in Spider-Man the movie. Thats pretty cool I'd say. We went back to David's place, where Mathew and I were introduced to Laura, Dave's girlfriend, who in turn, introduced us to this delicious drink, Coole Swan Liqueur. I can't thank her enough! Dave shredded the guitar and played a tune from his band, Young Boys, which you should listen to. So this damp and grey Monday turned out to be really fun, I see Dave so infrequently, seeing as i live in Levittown, Long Island, but Summer is coming, and we're going to have many skate adventures.
Dave, tell me how much is it for the hair product that starts out as powder, that stuff is awesome. Hook a brother up!

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  1. "i like" that pizza. and "i love" this post. fuck number rating.