Friday, February 27, 2009

Good Friday

I woke up at 12:00 today, to my phone buzzing telling me i had a missed call. It was brother Mike. He wanted to do some ollies, and said brother Matt was down. How can i say "no" to that right? It was a bit windy but like 53 degrees , so, you know, it was nice as hell. FINALLY i got to skate and it was great. Also Mike re-threaded my trucks, so i can set up my Zip-Zinger. WHICH I JUST DID, and let me tell you, its rad. OH! and i got my taxes back today and I'm expecting a nice tax return of $1,202! OVER A GRAND OF CHEESE! I'm excited. Chicken nuggets are on me. The only thing that sorta blows is that I have work in like....2 hours, but, whatevs, its pizza night.

I heard Obama chooses Coke over Pepsi. Thats MY president son! Get your Coke on!

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  1. I heard that they're over-caffeinating (word?) Coke now.