Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Alien Workshop - Mind Field Premier @ NYC 2/3/09

One of my highlights. $8, well worth it for presentation alone. Plus it was a Stella

The place: Tribeca Grand Screening Room
The players: Me, Mike, Steve, Ben, Dan King, Dan Unger

So off we go to check out the new skate flick from AWS. First there is a lot of confusion. RSVP? List? Hand stamps? Just when i was about to leave, Matt Bell from Poets comes in and lets those guest list nazis know im with him, and to stamp our (Ben, myself) hands.
BINGO! We're in for the 9:00pm showing. The bar was fancy as hell, as you can see i ordered a Stella and it came in such a cool glass. CLASSY.
So after some waiting..actually a lot of waiting, we form a line. Then that line gets broken up, so we make another....and another. Anyway we sit down, the flick comes on and its hella good. I dont feel like getting into who was sick and blah blah blah, because you're gonna find out. Eventually. So after a lot of chaos, shit went on rather smoothly.I guess.

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