Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Car Accident and Franz Ferdinand

Today I acquired the new Franz Ferdinand record. I believe its a bit different form the previous two albums, as this one has more electronic touches to it, and seems darker or seedier. Still, its a great fun album for a night of drinking. Not like beer pong drinking, like wild party drinking and dancing.

Anyways, on my way to work i got into a car accident. Nothing too serious but enough to make me frustrated, although i get frustrated easily. Some bloke decided to make a massively wide left turn into the back end of my car. No damages really, a proper scratching to my car and a broken hub cap. $20 bucks for new caps and ill be fine. Same to the other blokes car, nothing too crazy, but still he called the Police for an accident report. I pray i don't hear form him again, as he said he didn't really want to go through insurance...he was driving a rental i wonder how this is gonna turn out.
This life of mine is becoming a bit of a burden.

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