Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Is Crazy.

I don't have any crazy photos for you today, but don't worry because there are plenty insane photos of chaos from last evening, floating around...
For now, feast your eyes on two of the oddest costumes/accessories that i stumbled upon at a Halloween store.

what do you wanna be little Timmy? Superhero? Monster?...No! I wanna be a UPS driver.

This is just plain racist.

I had one of the craziest nights last evening, which happened to be Halloween. Insanity with some good friends in Manhattan and later in Brooklyn. My head is a little fuzzy today....maybe too much Champagne. That's right. CHAMPAGNE!
Thank you to Mike, Hana, Dan King, Dan Unger, Pat Ryan and anybody who gave me a cigarette & a lighter on the roof of that party.

1 comment:

  1. HAHAHA....UPS MAN! That is the sickest costume ever. I am going to make my dog that next year!

    Oh, and thanks for coming out on Halloweeeen, crazzzy goodtimes!