Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Perfect Symmetry

Keane - "Perfect Symmetry"
So, the new record has dropped and the lads have changed there sound a bit. The new single, "Spiralling", has a dance groove that is definately a departure from there last two records. Is there new sound good? Will Keane fans reject this and long for the cold melancholy beauty of "Hopes and Fears", or "Under the Iron Sea"?
Well, being a fan of the band myself i can say that the new direction isnt awful. Tom Chaplin still sings with passion and the range that his voice achieves is still brilliant. The sounds of the record are still melancholy, but with a slight upbeat, almost 1980's sheen. I do miss the glacial beauty of "Under the Iron Sea", but to write off there new effort so soon is insane. I will have to listent o the new record multiple times to take it all in, but that goes for any good album.

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