Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pre-record review review

So as i type this im previewing the new album from The Rapture titled: "In The Grace Of Your Love". I want to try and articulate the feeling it is when you preview an album or that moment when you buy it and g to listen to it for the first time. Its ridiculous, its like Christmas morning, and its so rad. You dont know what to expect, you just know bits and bobs from skimming through 30 second samples of songs. I cant wait to buy this album. The Rapture are a band that i greatly admire and am a massive fan of. I remember the first time i heard of them, they performed House of Jealous Lovers on the David Letterman show....
Mind blowing. Epic disco - house drums with a cowbell playing maniac and a man playign this scratchy guitar with a shrieking voice. BOOM! punk funk, disco punk, whatever you wanna call it, its a new worldbeing thrown at me. So awesome.

So in conclusion this album is sounding like a barn burner. So glad that they released this under the DFA label once again. What has it been? 10 years since they were under the DFA, releasing Echoes? Damn. welcome back.

oh shit! do i hear horns on this track? AMAZING

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