Monday, November 2, 2009

Good Weekend

This weekend was rad and it kicked my ass. The halloween block party was intense, i wore a suit and looked classy as hell. The party migrated to Rich's house and continued to rage throughout the evening. perfect event. Photos? Try Facebook, im tagged in quite a few awesome shots. I'd copy and paste them here or whatever but, you know, whatareyagonnado right?

Sunday i woke up feeling under the weather: hungover and stuffy with a soar throat. As i type this i feel like rubbish, anyway, me and matthrew visited David and Laura and it was fucking awesome. his new place is intense, the neighborhood is classy and the bars are rad. We shopped around some thrift stores in brooklyn and did some upscale shopping in Topman in SoHo. Loads of wandering about the town, being adventurous and what not. Dave has some cool photos on his blog, and heres one or two i ripped off from him, enjoy it, ya weeners.

This is the best photo around. Hands down.

In this second photo we have here, if you look closely you can see the ghost of David attacking us.

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