Friday, September 18, 2009

Stream of Thought

i just got back from the nutty irishman in farmingdale. I had a good time with my friends, nothing too out of the ordinary, heres whats going through my mind ...

girls are a peculiar breed of human, they love attention and when guys are all over them, but however they wont tell you that. theres this unspoken rule between male and females, guys MUST approach girls otherwise they wont get anywhere. i guess im fucked when it comes to that. i feel like its sort of silly. all these girls seem the same, you know? we get it, you dress slutty, you do your little dance routine that you practiced with your friends, and blah blah blah. they like that certain type of douche bag to approach them. I get ignored because i dont have an affliction shirt or muscles or have an ego thats far too large.

people who think, or think outside the proverbial box get shunned because they seem like there too much to take. Talk about religion, or current topics and your sure to get shut down. If you dont watch MTV or go to the gym then your shit out of luck. Class, good taste and being a reserved human are sort of frowned upon when your out at night

when your out at night i know that your supposed to rage, and im always down to rage but i suppose some nights people can get to you.

i know im not good looking, im not trying to lash out on the girls who dont notice me, im just trying to give an honest example of long island nightlife...through my own eyes.

now dont get me wrong, i love the nightlife, i love drinking with my friends but everywhere i go i come to the same conclusions. is life a vapid pool of popular culture loving, god fearing, shallow puppets?

not everyone should think the same, and im not complaining that the general public and myself dont see eye to eye, but its that everyone IS the same...or at least everyone i come across. Im no groundbreaking revelation, but i can honestly claim to have free thought. Im not constrained to popluar culture for my conversations.

i dont know, i guess this is going nowhere. A confused stream of thought.

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