Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dont Look Back In Anger

Noel Gallagher says piss off to his bandmates and his brother.

Noel G quits Oasis. They were not Blur, but they gave me a handful of good tunes bursting with an arrogant swagger. Dont Look Back In Anger is my favourite tune. Who sings on that one? Why, its Noel! I wonder if Liam was too much of a wanker to deal with....brotherhood gets pushed to a limit i reckon.

2009 sees a massively successful Blur reunion, and Oasis crumble. 2009, or 1995?

Who knows, this could all be nonesense, and Oasis will put out another medicore album?

Time will tell.

Anyway, i must be off to pop 'round Pat's house for his birthday party.

Looks like another evening of insanity. Last night saw myself and matt face to face in a dance off at Mulcahy's. I think i won when i did a push-up on the dancefloor...and security gave me a talkin' to. If you cant have a laugh, whats the point, right? Its all good fun.

Whats a good way to close this blog post?

Should i say that Oasis have "Definately/Maybe" split up?
Nah thats corny.

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