Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thursday Nights

Well like I said in previous posts, Thursday Night is Faddy Malones night. The lads and I go out to the local boozer, get drunk for cheap, put our own tunes on the jukebox, and have rowdy singalongs. Faddy's isnt too great, or nice, and i have been to way better, but what are you gonna do on those nights when you come out of work and just want to get drunk 10 minutes from your house?
All i can say is this past Thursday night was a rager of sorts. Chicks from high school are wild. Specificaly ones that think im interesting, and wanted to kiss me since high school.
I dont know, it's sort of a big deal for me...
Well it was, now im over it, watching South Park. It's 3:24AM.
My parents and sister left this morning for Arizona to vacation. Im home alone untilt he 17th. I dont care if your 16 or, like me, 22, its always rad to have the place to yourself.

long story short... LONG LIVE THE PARTY! RAGE!

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