Monday, June 8, 2009

Television And It's Importance In My Life

Television. The idiot box. It melts your brain, right? Well I suppose it might, on some molecular level, but I find it has a significant impact on my mental happiness, and I'm sure I'm not alone. This is going to sound a bit confusing, or perhaps pathetic, but hear me out. Television shows provide my life with an alternate reality with characters that I can identify with. After a long day of dealing with the world and its crashing dissapointments, and countless frustrating moments, I know that I can watch my favorite show and completely escape reality. Now i know that the majority of television programs are complete crap; reality shows, cop drama, talk shows, court room nonsense, but when you find a program that you can identify with, or are interested in, it can be really amazing. Certain shows provide me with a strange serenity, or calmness. Sitcoms and comedy programs with there classic absurd scenarios give me a sense of belonging in a weird universe that exists inside the picture tube. That sounded weird diddnt it? Well this isnt a college paper, and its not an advice column. I guess i find some sort of mental sanctuary in television and my favorite shows. It's like some characters take up space in my mind. Of course i do other activities; I paint, draw, skateboard, play soccer, hang out with my friends, go out drinking, see movies, go to Museums, sporting events, but on those evenings where I'm just tired or fed up with the brutality and loneliness of being alive, I like to escape life with the aid of my TV. I see nothing wrong with that.

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