Thursday, June 4, 2009


I'm ill, and not in the dope gangsta way. My throat monster hurts pretty bad, so i went to the doctor. I have no insurance because im a 22 year old man, so i had to pay for the visit myself. Long story short the doctor thinks i have something called acute pharyngitis? I dont know, anyway, he gave me antibiotics to take for a week. What does that mean? It means for 7 or 8 days i cant smoke a fag or drink an adult beverage. Bollocks. So now i have more time in front of my laptop. I was sort of kicking around an idea of a Clownfarmer skate epic, documented on digicam. Another gay skate video? Yeah, pretty much. I thought i can create something clownworthy.

Hmmmm clownworthy...neat title right there.

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