Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"It's Blitz!"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz!
ClownFarmer Record review

Right out of the gates i knew i was going to enjoy this record, after hearing the dance-errific comeback single "Zero". First, let's start out with the album artwork. Karen O has her kung-fu grip on an egg and the photog snapped the shot as it exploded. besides it being a pretty cool shot, what i fancy is the fact that nowhere to be found is the band's name, or album title, which gives off a curious vibe to the kid in the shop browsing through the discs.
...but what about the music? Ah yes, the music. We all know Nick Zinner shreds his guitar and can make it squeal in any sonic shape he chooses, which is fantastic with me, however this time around, for there 3rd effort, Karen O specifically said Nick should put down the guitar, and play the synths. The result? A newer sound scape with a nice blend of guitars and beautiful ambiance. This new direction pushes the band's creativity, forcing them to think outside the box.
Just because they added a couple danceable tracks to there bag of tricks does not mean they sacrifice feeling.
Subjectively speaking, I was never the biggest YYYs fan. There debut, "Fever To Tell" was certainly pleasing to my ears, as it emerged within that magic period of time when NYC experienced it's indie rock renaissance as some would say. There sophomore effort, "Show Your Bones", fell short within my own music tastes, however this new album brings them back up some notches in my book.

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