Thursday, January 22, 2009

Whatever You Do, DONT...

...Go to Oil City skatepark, in Oceanside, LI. It's so cold i can see my breath, the obstacles are a bit shit, and the ground, oh my Lord, let me tell you about the ground! The Ground is so slippery, so slick, you can even push fast and turn, and when you pop you slide around, and i believe theres a fine dust on the ground that adds to the awfulness...OH! and i paid 10 bucks. 10 fucking bucks! Fucking hell, what is this? Nazi germany?
But, all in all, at least i got to skate (for the first time in a month).

Also i ended the night with a 3rd round of weed smoking at Rich's house with Pat. We get high and watch Adult Swim. Seriously, those shows are MADE for people to watch high. I couldnt imagine any other reason to make those awesome, awesome shows


  1. LMAO @ "Fucking hell, what is this? Nazi germany?"

    I love Nazi references.

  2. haha note taken on that park. adult swim is made for people that just have fucked up minds as it is. i think i made more sense of the shows when i was high. you know?

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