Sunday, January 11, 2009

Im Finished

Well that's it. At 4:00pm today someone is going to call with a final offer for my house. The house that i lived in for 15 years. If the offer matches what my parents are looking for then its a done deal, however I know the offer is going to match because he made previous attempts to buy and came up short, but whoever the fucker is, he is persistent. I'm nervous as all hell, and I have never been this nervous before in my life. Arizona? I would be moving from Long Island New York to fucking Arizona? Goodbye everything I know; hello obscurity, loneliness and fear. I need a job, i need to establish myself. I'm going to miss my friends dearly. Honestly i have no fucking idea what I'm going to do without them. Will i still skateboard? Its not fun by yourself, but I have no other options. Who will i drink with? Smoke with? Watch TV with? Laugh with? Its all over. All the work i put into making myself here is undone in a flash. I leave, with all intentions to come back and visit regularly, and down the line, move back here. Not necessarily Levittown, but NY in general. Levittown is a funny place, you grow up resenting the fact that its so boring, and some of the people are less then great, but I'm starting to realize how much I'm going to miss it. So now what? I'm going to have to learn a new phone number, address, town, city, and state. I'm going to need to learn what block to turn down to get "home", and what road will take me to my "job" , and where the restaurants are.
I'm going to miss so many people, it hurts way too much. Thats what it really comes down to. The people. Those who made an impact on my life, and influenced me in any sort of way. Those who I was/am glad to call my friend. The people at Slomin's who kept me sane, who talked to me, who I consider a friend more then a co-worker, I'm going to miss you beyond belief. All my friends who I consistently hang out with since I was young and to newer friends who I'm glad i got to know, I'll miss you a whole lot as well. When we would sit around and say, "There's nothing to do, I'm bored", I can honestly now say I'll miss that too.

I love New York, and I'll go as far as saying I Love Long Island, with all its imperfections.

Thomas Cerchione

This blog will continue to live.
Watch this space.


  1. fuck it man. i havent talked to laura but fuck it! stay with us! you dont wanna live there nor should anybody be forced to live in that hell! arizona sucks. your not goin' nowheres mate!

  2. Arizona? That's absurd! On the bright side, however, maybe you'll meet Wile E. Coyote!