Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Well then, it's been a helluva year.
Good and bad.
I got obliterated at Rich's house last night on Patron and Bud Light.
It's all a blurry memory now.
Sorry Rich, (if you ever read my blog), for throwing up on your back porch.
Its better then throwing up in that little bowl you gave me.
Also thanks for letting me sleep over.
Today i nursed my hangover when i got back home by watching the NHL Winter Classic between Detroit and Chicago at Wrigley Field.
It's 2009 and Clownfarmer is still here.
This blog took a nice shape, covering food, skateboarding, hockey, soccer, television, movies, and my general life experiences/adventures/irreverent nonsense.

Sorry for the puke, Rich.

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