Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's A Cross With An Exorcism Kit Inside.

Hey look it's my friends! LOL OMG ROFL

Well then, Mathew and I drove to Ridgewood, Brooklyn to visit our good friend David, who has one of the best apartments that i have seen. Not only did it look cool as hell but it was filled with all sorts of cool stuff too. After a visit to KCDC, a thrift shop and a used record store in Williamsburg, we acquired some fine pizza at Little Vincents, wich was surprisingly good. We headed back to David's neck of the woods and proceeded to view old skate videos he put together, as well as down a PBR or two or three.

Round two will come shortly, and a trip to the Museum of Modern Art is on the agenda.

visit Davids blog for more photos


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