Sunday, November 16, 2008


So i was cruising on the old shred sled to the ATM machine to get some papers to buy some Dunkin Donuts when i spotted a rather large older gentleman trying to backside heelflip the little 3 stair by the HSBC bank. "Hey old man!", i shouted, "Why dont you skate something thats way gnarlier!?" The old fat man responded with " Suck it easy you little creep!". As i skated over to hand him a heavy dose of smackdown, i realized it was none other then Wilford Brimley, famous for his diabetes commercials. "Oh dear, im sorry Mr.Brimley, I diddnt know it was you", i said. "Its okay young blood, stop hatin' and skate this stair set with me", he replied. Well long story short we got to talking and i gave him a guest-pro model deck for Not Real At All Skateboards.

I hope this is not insensitive to those with diabetes.

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