Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ode To The Irrelevant.

Now those of you who are familiar with my blog, or know me in person, understand that I have a strange appreciation for the little things in life. Dont get me wrong, life is a bitter, bitter pill, and theres only so much that i wake up in the morning for. This blog entry is going to make a short list of some of those items that just make my life not that shitty.
  1. drinking mashed potato gravy

  2. television

  3. smell of crayons

  4. a good ball-point pen

  5. french toast stick filled with maple syrup.

  6. cherry fruit snacks in the vending machine at work

  7. fire

  8. new batteries

  9. the lights in my kitchen

  10. rug burning my mosquito bites

  11. tea

  12. infomercials

  13. vacuum cleaner smell

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