Monday, September 1, 2008

Brooklyn, Bros, Bloody Elbows!

Awesome day of shredding. We finally made it out to Brooklyn (which isnt that far, i think we're lazy?), to meet up with Dan King. Carbaugh, myself, Mathew and Danny O crusied the streets of Brooklyn guided by Dan King and our new bro Dave, who was brilliant on a board and a brilliant dude off a board. We cruised the bridge into Manhattan to meet up with Ben and skate some ill spots and the L.E.S. park. Of course we had to have a crucial stop in Burger King. Ah yeahhhhh boy, ahhh yeahhh! Suck on some shite photos i know that you love i upload. I think there in the reverse order of the days events but whatever its funny.

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  1. plenty more of these days to come!
    cheers for the kind words man!
    david (