Monday, July 21, 2008

Im lame

So i spent my childhood, and early teens (which i suppose wasnt too long ago, but then again, not too recent), dividing my attention to 2 activities. The first was skateboarding, and the second, dare i say it, was Anime (japanese animation). It was a big part of my life, i was so psyched on japan and every animated program that hailed from the land of the risiing sun.

So recently i had found out that there will be a new live-action film, from American creators, based on the Anime Dragonball Z. I found a photo of what im guessing is a poster for the flick.

I know i dont follow this like i used to( HONESTLY!) but i feel as if i should recognize it, and i pray that America doesnt ruin it, and also ruin my childhood.

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